Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Knoydart, the nooks and crannys

Just another, sunny,rainy,wind,still,calm,stormy day in Inverie

This photo was taken with my Gopro camera minutes after arriving in Inverie after what was probably the hardest week on a bicycle, We were sat there eating E-numbers and drinking fizzy pop.

 I was deep in thought about what had just been,,thinking about 30mins earlier reaching the col of Mam barrisdale in an almost whiteout with a biting wind then decsending for what felt like hours on a simple but sweet singletrack back to Inverie.

I had set out at the start of the week thinking we were about to discover an amazing and remote loop from and to Inverie something that we would be able to run as a trip with Back country biking,

 Now the riding to hiking ratio was probably 65% 35% but I sure my buddies might disagree and some of the 35% hurt, it was steep, loose, wet, boggy, rocky etc.. oh and lets not mention the almost waist deep fast flowing river we crossed. but it's funny how the last hika bike section falls into the nooks and crannys of your brain as soon as your on your bike and the rubbers rolling.

 Well  the rubber rolled enough for me at least to make me want to go back and continue to look for that epic piece of singletrack or sweet tech descent or breath taking view. To fill me with the story to bore everyone with.
 But this time we plan on taking Packrafts.

Friday, 9 September 2011

We're not doomed!!

Just back from a gold DofE assessment with a group of lads who did a 4 day off road trip from Pitlochry to Fort Bill.  Some properly hard ground covered and all with trailers.  the yoof of today are not all bad!!  Adventurous rides will go on for a while yet - cool.