Monday, 13 December 2010

Summer Expedition Training

We've been trying to get this training course ticked off for a while now so we were happy to find out that it would be happening (not so happy that it would be happening at the end of November)

Now to our surprise the Mountain bike leaders association do NOT require you stay out overnight on your Expedition training module?

We soon addressed this and asked our trainer to sort it which he did (nice one Jules)
 So the day arrived and so did the weather, a good 'smattering' of snow about 5cm but that did not put us off, with us being 'radcore gnarly mountain men and women'
 We started day 1 with a quick look at some bits and bob's and then got down to packing our bicycles for the 'adventure' note at this point with got together and scanned in detail the weather forecast for the following 24-36 hours now the forecast was not good so we did what every radcore group of enthusiasts would do and ignored it and tried to find a better forecast from a different site.
 Now most of the team had opted for BOB trailers but i had manged to get my hands on a set of custom 'bikepacking' bags the picture up there ( more on these later with a mini review)
 With the forecast in mind 'in went my ski goggles' for the potential heavy snow and 60kph head winds on the return journey
 We set off just after lunch with everybody cycling around getting the 'feel' for there fully loaded bicycles an impromptu pump track session began and then quickly stopped when we remembered the 15km journey in the snow with loaded bicycles
 As usual the pace at the start was to quick and had everyone overheating and quickly getting rid of the full winter dress.
We quickly got the hang of loaded riding and soon found ourselves following the river feshie south towardsther head of the glen.

More soon.......

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